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Geoffrey Haveman is great!

Posted by a Chapter 13 client, about a year ago

  • Geoffrey handled my Bankruptcy / Chapter 13 matter.

I would definately recommend Geoffrey Haveman! He is very professional and gets back with you in a very quick manner on any questions that you may have in regards to your case


Excellent Lawyer!

  • Posted by Environmental Pallet Solutions, Inc., a Employment client, about a year ago

  • I hired Geoffrey 1-3 years ago.

  • Geoffrey handled my Employment / Labor matter.

As a small business owner I have needed on many occasions legal advice as well as council on certain matters. Jeff has helped me in numerous ways from answering phone call questions to providing me with applications for employment to creating an employee handbook. I would recommend using Jeff Haveman for any reason, great guy!



Posted by Connie, a Chapter 7 client, 2 years ago


  • I hired Geoffrey 1-3 years ago.

  • Geoffrey handled my Bankruptcy / Chapter 7 matter.

I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

He is a very good attorney. He's pretty good at getting back with you when you have any questions regarding your case. He's trustworthy, and very knowledgeable.


would use again

Posted by Jody, a Chapter 7 client, 2 years ago


Overall rating



Geoff made our case go smoothly. He kept us well informed. He was very patient with us and helped us understand our options. By my choice I commmunicated with him primarily via email. Responses to my questions were always same day, often within just a few minutes. All communication, meetings and court dates were with Geoff, never an assistant, etc. For me, that would be the biggest part of choosing to use him again if I needed legal assistance. Working with only one person made the case less stressful.


Completely Satisfied

Posted by Branden, a Wills client, 2 years ago


I recommend Geoffrey Haveman.

  • I hired Geoffrey 1-3 years ago.

Geoffrey handled my Wills / Living Wills matter.

I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

We worked with Geoffrey to write up a Will and were completely satisfied with his service. He promptly returned our calls and was very flexible with appointments. We came into this process with very little understanding of the procedure and he walked us through it with knowledge and understanding. We would highly recommend Geoff as a lawyer.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Posted by a Chapter 7 client, 3 years ago


Geoff was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was prompt when returning my emails (my preferred method of communication) full of questions. He made me feel very comfortable going through this difficult process.


A lost soul

Posted by a Chapter 13 client, 3 years ago


I was extremely pleased with the way he handled my case... Was very informative and keep me up to date on everything I was to expect.


curtsy and professionalism with a smile

Posted by mark, a Chapter 7 client, 3 years ago


i have had great success and was able to afford there services .because of there kindness in working with me so that i could attain there services


No more Sleepless nights

Posted by Becky, a Chapter 7 client, 3 years ago


Geoff was the best. He always returned my calls and all advice given was right on.... I had visited other attorneys and they made me feel very uncomfortable and especially when the fees were so ridiculous.
Geoff is very well versed in Bankruptcy and financial advice. Don't hesitate to use his services. I finally have peace of mind and due to the economy , I don't feel any regret or stigma attached to my decision.


Review Geoffrey Allen Haveman

Posted by Stacey, a Chapter 7 client, 3 years ago


Geoff handled my Chanpter 7 bankruptcy following my divorce. We met in his office to get things started and then handled almost everything else over e-mail (my preference). He always answered my e-mails quickly. He was very patient and understanding and willing to re-explain "the next step" when I couldn't remember (which was often).

That made me feel reassured that I would get through it. Most of all, his compassion and non-judgmental approach eased my nerves, and lessened my feelings of embarrassment and shame.


A knowledgeable and trustworthy attorney

Posted by Danny, a Chapter 7 client, 3 years ago



Bankruptcy is never easy for anyone and finding an attorney that would be able to handle our financial situation was our first concern. Many due bankruptcy as a sideline. Mr. Haveman does not.

I knew from the beginning with the questions he asked that he was knowledgeable. The next concern was is he trustworthy and would he be there all the time and not shuffle us to an office aid.

One of the first things he told us was that he would personally handle the case from start to finish...and he did. When I called he answered the phone. When I went to the office he was there to answer my questions.

When a situation came up where he could not be at a court proceeding I became concerned. The professional attorney he sent in his place was very kind and made us feel as though she had represented us from the beginning.

She very quickly had us fill out some papers, answered our questions and informed the trustee she was there in your place.

After watching a couple of attorneys fumble through the proceedings with lack of proper paperwork and not being able to properly answer questions for their clients, I am certainly glad we found Mr. Haveman as our "professional" bankruptcy attorney and he also had a professional backup in his absence.


Posted by VCX, a Chapter 7 client, 3 years ago



Nobody wants to go to Bankruptcy court but with the economic times hard and out of control, it is easy to get sucked in. I was very lucky to find Geoff as a legal counsel. He was upfront and very in step with the law. I never once felt doubt of the quality and integrity of his professional handling of my case. I highly recommend Geoff to all that need help in these tough economic times.


Chap 7

Posted by Heather, a Chapter 7 client, 4 years ago



Took care all my case very professionally, and kept in contact with me the whole time. Never felt left in the dark. Able to answer all the questions I had.

Couldn't be happier!

Posted by Jason U., 10 days ago



I recommend Kristi Estrada.

Kristi is very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to her line of work. She is great at communication and helping one understand what needs to get done. Let's not forget that her fees are very competitive as well. There is no way our family could've asked for better service and we are ever grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting Attorney Kristi Estrada, and will seek her console if ever needed again.


Highly recommended

Posted by Tlkay, a Chapter 7 client, 2 years ago


I recommend Kristi Estrada.


Kristi was very professional, informed, and responsive. Kept me in the loop and answered all my questions promptly.



Kristi possesses integrity, provides assurance, and communicates excellent legal advice and options.

Posted by Tami, a Debt Settlement client, 2 years ago

Kristi Estrada.


I located Kristi based upon her excellent reviews on Avvo and the recommendation of another lawyer. Words cannot explain speaking with Kristi over the phone regarding my debt situation with a collection agency and sitting with her in person. From our initial contact over the phone, Kristi listened with patience, was very understanding, and provided clarity in how she could assist me with my state of affairs. Upon meeting Kristi in her office and providing her the documentation she needed to assist me with my debt, I acquired an attorney who was ATTENTIVE and provided excellent advice in getting my debt affairs on a positive path. Kristi began assisting me the day I met her in her office by contacting the debt collector and informing them to cease contact with me because she was representing me in my state of affairs. Kristi placed me at ease in not having to attend court in which the debt collector was suing me. Through Kristi's excellent work, I received an agreeable debt settlement. If you want an attorney who provides reassurance through their demeanor, exudes professionalism, confidence, and listens, my highest recommendation is Kristi Estrada. Kristi took stress away from me that I was no longer capable of handling myself. There are many choices we can make in life when trying to put our financial affairs on the right path. There are also decisions we can make in how to manage those financial affairs. Before deciding to ignore a debt, I suggest everyone seek the advice of an attorney who is familiar with the laws and can better explain what is going on with your financial situation, which is what Kristi Estrada did for me. Thank You Kristi.



Posted by a Chapter 7 client, 2 years ago


Overall rating


I recommend Kristi Estrada.


Bankruptcy is not an easy decision, but sometimes there are no alternatives. Kristi helped us from beginning to end bringing peace and comfort to a very stressful season of our lives. She was knowledgeable, gave confident wisdom and knew exactly what to do and when to do it. We would retain her again for any other legal needs. She was wonderful and very easy to work with.



Posted by Jeff, a Chapter 11 client, 2 years ago


Kristi was excellent to work with. She took time to talk with us and understand our situation, explained options for current issue as well as future options and did all we asked and more at a reasonable rate.

Plan on working more with her in the future.


A Lawyer With Heart

Posted by a Chapter 7 client, 2 years ago


I recommend Kristi Estrada.

(Chapter 7) filing. She knows the law and how things really work in the world. She gave us very practical advice and anticipated issues we had no idea about. She was not shy about telling us uncomfortable truths we needed to hear, and she had the empathy to put us at ease enough to talk candidly about the train wreck our finances had become.

Kristi meets her prospective clients at what often must be a low point in their lives. It was for us. She really is there to help make things start getting better soon. We met with Kristi after unemployment and underemployment had worn us down emotionally and she provided exactly the kind (and, importantly, disinterested) ear we needed to tell our troubles to. She kept us focussed on the relevant facts without coming across as dismissive.

When it comes time to act, she does not mess around. She helped us choose a date to file that met our needs. When we got her the necessary documentation and information, she had our petition ready for signature within two days. She gets the job done quickly with no drama.

If you call Kristi you won't have to worry about trade-offs like, "He's a really good attorney, but what a jerk," or "He's a nice guy, but I think he naps a lot." She's smart, competent, sweet and hard working. 'Nuff said.


Thoughtful, Attentive and Thorough

Posted by Brad, a Contracts client, 2 years ago


I recommend Kristi Estrada.


Kristi was very knowledgeable and thorough on all that we had to relay as a company and helped us to secure a very nice contract with a fortune 500 company. She was always there when we needed additional advice and seemed to truly care about our business needs and didn't act as if she was just doing a job for us. Thank you Kristi, you are a joy to work with and we will definitely be in touch with you next time we need any legal assistance.


Would use her again, just hope I dont have to.

Posted by Jessica, a Chapter 7 client, 2 years ago


I recommend Kristi Estrada.


I love Kristi she was very helpful and made sure everything was easy to understand


Great Experiance

Posted by Tom, a Chapter 13 client, 2 years ago

I recommend Kristi Estrada.


Kristi was very friendly and she always went above and beyond my expectations of a bankruptsy attorney. Her rate was very reasonable for how much work she did for me. I had a ton of questions along the way and she would always get back to me in a reasonable amount of time. I can't thank her enough. My only regret is that I didn't call her sooner.



Posted by a Chapter 13 client, 2 years ago

I recommend Kristi Estrada.


Kristi was awesome. She walked me through the whole process and was available any time I had any questions. She went well above my expectations.


Efficiency and Kindness

Posted by a Chapter 7 client, 3 years ago


A sudden, unfortunate turn of events in my life caused bankruptcy to be my best option for surviving the financial devastation. Although I realized the truth of this, the idea of filing filled me with confusion, fear, anger and shame. My experience with Kristi as my bankruptcy attorney was very positive. She is personable and compassionate as well as knowledgeable and professional. As early as the initial consultation I left feeling a huge weight lifted and could view my situation much more clearly. Her excellent advice and reassuring manner combined with her straightforward answers to my questions did much to dispel my confusion. I was impressed by how promptly she returned my calls and the efficiency with which she handled my bankruptcy case.

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