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Q: Can I file Chapter 7 online in Michigan? How would I find all the creditors that I need?: Had an unexpected medical problem almost two years ago, with working and paying bills, I hardly have money left over to buy any food or necessities for me and my children.

Asked 4 months ago in Chapter 7



A: Geoffrey’s answer: The Court has a system to allow for electronic filings. However, as said by an earlier answerer, it requires a class and a password and is not intended for one time users (non attorneys). You can find most of your creditors online by obtaining a credit report. Give me a call or schedule a consultation if you would like to discuss

Answered 4 months ago.



Q: My car was seized to cover a judgement of a credit card. Can I get my car back?: The court officer said to call him to make payment arrangements and he is not returning my phone call.

Asked about 2 years ago in Bankruptcy



A: Geoffrey’s answer: Filing bankruptcy may allow you to get the car back depending on when the car was seized, and you may be able to keep the car in bankruptcy depending on the value of the vehicle and the exemptions you have. You should consult a local attorney or two as soon as possible. You can e-mail our office if you have questions.

Answered about 2 years ago.



Q: Should i claim bankruptcy: My home was sold at sheriff sale last month. The bank paid the whole amount left on the mortgage. The attorney i spoke with said not file bankruptcy. He said they shouldnt go after me for the unpaid mortgage.
here is a quick list of debt.
1st mortgage 92k
2nd mortgage 10k
personal loan 9k
income is about 50k with my wifes included

Asked about 2 years ago in Bankruptcy



A: Geoffrey’s answer: Did the sheriff's sale also pay off the 2nd mortgage? If it did not, it depends on whether discharging 19k in debt is enough to warrant filing bankruptcy. You should analyze your financial situation to see if you have enough income to make payments on the remaining debt. Depending on your household size and overall financial picture, it may, or may not, make sense to file. If you need help you can contact our office by phone or e-mail.

Answered about 2 years ago.


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